Welcome to CalWest Recycling!

CalWest Recycling buys scrap metals, ewaste and working electronics for re-sale. Some of the items we buy include:

Scrap metals, Computer Electronics, Component and Integrated Circuits, Test Equipment, RMA Returns, Scrap/End of Life Destruction, Software, Plastics, Surplus Inventory, Telephone Equipment & much more!

we are in Hayward Ca

Electronic Gold Scrap/e-Waste

Many high-tech products are made with precious metals such as gold. CalWest Recycling will buy these items and have the precious metals extracted. With each passing year-now every six months-the older units are becoming out of date. CalWest Recycling will buy your eWaste and have it recycled properly.

Scrap Metals

CalWest Recycling buys the followings: Aluminum, Copper, Stainless, Brass, Wire, Radiators and more! Contact us for pickup service for your business.

Electronic re-Sale/Marketing

CalWest Recycling buys surplus Inventory from computers & consumer electronics, to soft goods and other general merchandise.

Recycling saves natural resources, protects our environment.